board members with mr. callaghan

January is School Board Recognition Month and El Campo ISD is celebrating its trustees for their dedication and commitment to the district and its students. 

The theme of this year’s School Board Recognition Month is "Forward, Together", which highlights the collaboration among school leadership, teachers, and parents on behalf of students.

Superintendent Bob Callaghan says, "Our school board members are selfless volunteers who spend long hours working to ensure all of our students have the opportunity to learn and grow. We applaud their service. " 

Dan Troxell, executive director of the Texas Association of School Boards, applauded the efforts of trustees in providing leadership and good governance so that school districts can focus on educating the 5.4 million public schoolchildren in their care.

 “Texas school boards are critical to the success of students and the future of Texas,” Troxell said. “Boards lead their districts in the right direction, providing oversight, setting goals, overseeing the budget, and selecting and evaluating the superintendent. These volunteers serve for the betterment of their local schools and communities.”

Board members serving El Campo ISD are: 

Board President James Russell, a Trustee for 14 years states, "While the role of Trustee is tremendously challenging, I feel that being afforded the opportunity to make the decisions that make a difference is truly fulfilling." James works in the insurance industry and specializes in Commercial Risk including Oilfield, Construction, Marine, and Surety.

Board Vice President Anthony Dorotik, a Trustee for 11 years, says, "I serve because I have always felt it is important to serve the community, and have served on numerous boards through the years, but I have always believed there is nothing more important than educating our youth." Anthony graduated from Texas A&M in 1974 and pursued a career in agricultural production. He has raised cattle and farmed rice, corn, cotton, and milo for 49 years.

Board Secretary David Vallejo, a Trustee since May 2021, states, "My primary reason for serving ECISD is because I believe that students hold the keys to the future and that the staff of ECISD are the mechanism that set them on the path to success. I am pleased to do my part to make that journey a positive one." David is self-employed in the areas of Facilities Management and Real Estate.

Board Trustee Rich DuBroc, a Trustee for 4 years, states, "I serve because I love El Campo and ECISD. Being on the school board is an opportunity to give a little back to a community and school district that have been wonderful to me and my family for as long as I can remember." Rich is an educator. 

Board Trustee Ed Erwin, a Trustee in his 4th year, says, "I serve because I believe the education of our youth is the most important thing a community does." Ed works in construction and the cattle business.

Board Trustee Susan Nohavitza, a Trustee in her 3rd year, states, "I will always do my best to be a voice for our teachers." Susan is a retired educator and is currently enjoying her retired life!

Board Trustee Kathy Smith, a Trustee since May 2021, states, "I want our schools to be a place people are proud of. I want to help teachers be their best, and I want to listen to them and to learn ways that I can help them as a board trustee." Kathy is retired from teaching and is enjoying time with family and friends.

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