Red Ribbon Week In EC

celebrated life live drug free 

Why Red Ribbon Week?

National Red Ribbon Week began in 1985 following the death of Enrique “Kiki” Camarena, a Drug Enforcement Agent who was close to uncovering the identities of key members of a Mexican drug cartel.

Angered by his death and the destruction caused by drugs and alcohol in America, those in his hometown of Calexico, California, began wearing Red Ribbons as a symbol of their commitment to fight the illegal use of drugs.

Today, the Red Ribbon has become a symbol for drug, alcohol, and tobacco abuse prevention all across America.  National Red Ribbon Week is celebrated annually during the last week of October.

Help ECISD promote Red Ribbon Week by participating in our drug prevention awareness-themed dress-up days. Please review the dress-up days by campus and dress your children accordingly:

Myatt, Hutchins, Northside:

Monday, 10/24 – “Team Up Against Drugs” - Wear your favorite high school, college, or team shirt

Tuesday, 10/25 – “Be All You Can Be - Drug Free” - Wear your camouflage gear

Wednesday, 10/26 – “Exercise Your Right to be Drug Free”- Wear sweats or jogging suits!

Thursday, 10/27 – “We are Too Bright as we Sock It to Drugs” - Wear a colorful shirt and/or socks

Friday, 10/28 – “RED-y To Be Drug Free Ricebirds” – All students, staff members, and parents are asked to wear red to celebrate a drug free life!!!

EC Middle School:

Monday, 10/24 - "Let's put drugs to rest" - pajamas

Tuesday, 10/25 - "Team up to be drug free" -twin day

Wednesday,10/26 - "Wave goodbye to drugs" - tacky tourist day

Thursday, 10/27 - "From Head to Toe, I'm Drug Free." - crazy hair/hat & crazy socks

Friday, 10/28 -     “Celebrate Life. Live Drug Free." - Red Out

EC High School:

Monday, 10/24: “Let’s put drugs to REST” - pajamas

Tuesday, 10/25: “TEAM up to be drug free” - twin day

Wednesday, 10/26 "WAVE goodbye to drugs" - tropical dress 

Thursday, 10/27: “Your FUTURE is too bright for drugs” - career day

Friday,10/28: "Celebrate Life. Live Drug Free." - Red Out