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2022-2023 ECISD Dress Code

Posted Date: 06/27/2022

At a recent board meeting, the board voted to continue with the same dress code, with no changes, for the 2022-2023 school year. A point of emphasis to the campus principals was the dress code was fair and consistent implementation throughout the district, PK - 12. 

Click HERE to see some of the dress code in pictures for clarification. To read the dress code in its entirety, click HERE.

Students work together complete a class project.

Highlights of the Dress Code for the Upcoming School Year:

  • Bottoms:

    • Solid color jeans, khaki pants, shorts, and skirts.

    • Skin above the knee should not be visible.  Legging or skin coverings must be worn under pants to hide skin exposed by the hole, rip, or frays.

    • Shorts or skirts may not be shorter than the longer of: (1) three inches above the knee; or (2) fingertip length.

    • Leggings, tights, mesh, yoga pants, or other similar apparel items shall not be worn as the primary bottom clothing.

  • Tops:

    • Shirts may be single-color and collared or Ricebird spirit, college spirit, or military branch t-shirts.

    • Emblems or logos on shirts should be “3x3” or smaller.

    • Tops should not expose midriffs, shoulders, or torso.

  • Standards for Hair:

    • Hair and hairstyles should not impede the learning of yourself or others.

    • A student’s eyes and vision will not be obstructed by their hairstyle.

    • Male students may not have hair that extends below the top of the shirt collar.

    • Students may not wear mustaches and beards.  Sideburns are not to be lower than the earlobes.

    • Hair must be a natural color.

    • No designs or notches are to be shaved into hair or eyebrows.

  • Outerwear:

    • Outerwear must be a solid color or small pattern and may not have an emblem larger than 3”x3”, except official Ricebird or college outerwear (including hoodies).

  • Miscellaneous Apparel:

    • Earrings worn anywhere except the ears are prohibited for all students.  Female students may wear earrings in their ears.

    • All clothing must be appropriately sized.

    • No head coverings of any kind.

  • Shoes:

    • Acceptable styles include leather-like or canvas lace-up, loafers, tennis shoes, sandals with a back strap, or boots.  Only students at ECHS may wear backless shoes.

Additional dress and grooming guidelines can be established by club, activity, or sports sponsor/coach.