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2021-22 ECISD Dress Code

Posted Date: 07/06/2021

2021-22 ECISD Dress Code

Students work in groups using the LEGO Education system to code.


The El Campo ISD School Board held a special meeting on Tuesday, July 6th to finalize the school dress code policy for the upcoming school year.  Dress code was a topic of debate at the end of the 20-21 school year, and ECISD wants students and families to have clear guidelines and expectations as they are shopping and making choices for the new year.  

A description of the dress code highlights is below, but parents and community members can view the full dress code by visiting the ECISD website (  for more information.  The district will also be putting out pictures and dress code guides to help parents navigate the changes.  Check the website and district Facebook page for more informaiton.  

In response to questions about the changes, the district superintendent, Bob Callaghan, said, “Our board considered many factors, including legal precedent, and designed a proactive dress code focused on student learning they believe best reinforces our community standards against a backdrop of recent litigation, while simultaneously being good stewards of the taxpayer’s dollar.” 

Students work together complete a class project.

Highlights of the Dress Code for the Upcoming School Year:

  • Bottoms:

    • Solid color jeans, khaki pants, shorts, and skirts.

    • Skin above the knee should not be visible.  Legging or skin coverings must be worn under pants to hide skin exposed by the hole, rip, or frays.

    • Shorts or skirts may not be shorter than the longer of: (1) three inches above the knee; or (2) fingertip length.

    • Leggings, tights, mesh, yoga pants, or other similar apparel items shall not be worn as the primary bottom clothing.

  • Tops:

    • Shirts may be single-color and collared or Ricebird spirit, college spirit, or military branch t-shirts.

    • Emblems or logos on shirts should be “3x3” or smaller.

    • Tops should not expose midriffs, shoulders, or torso.

  • Standards for Hair:

    • Hair and hair styles should not impede the learning of yourself or others.

    • A student’s eyes and vision will not be obstructed by their hair style.

    • Male students may not have hair that extends below the top of the shirt collar.

    • Students may not wear mustaches and beards.  Sideburns are not to be lower than the earlobes.

    • Hair must be a natural color.

    • No designs or notches are to be shaved into hair or eyebrows.

  • Outerwear:

    • Outerwear must be a solid color or small pattern and may not have an emblem larger than 3”x3”, except official Ricebird or college outerwear (including hoodies).

  • Miscellaneous Apparel:

    • Earrings worn anywhere except the ears are prohibited for all students.  Female students may wear earrings in their ears.

    • All clothing must be appropriately sized.

    • No head coverings of any kind.

  • Shoes:

    • Acceptable styles include leather-like or canvas lace-up, loafers, tennis shoes, sandals with a back strap, or boots.  Only students at ECHS may wear backless shoes.

Additional dress and grooming guidelines can be established by club, activity, or sports sponsor/coach.