The Ricebird Way: El Campo Curriculum, Instruction, Data and Culture Expectations

As our Board of Trustees stated in the Board Monitoring Document for Local Accountability, "Our vision is to significantly increase student achievement so that parents want their children in our schools, and other districts call us to learn how we prepare students to be college or career ready, as well as have a sense of duty, and servitude."  Just as the Bird's Eye View outlines the process for presenting to the Board of Trustees the reports desired to monitor the criteria and standards deemed most important to measure progress in attaining our district's vision and goals, The Ricebird Way list district expectations in regards to Curriculum, Instruction, Data and Culture. 

 Listed under each educational role are district expectations, that when implemented fully will build instructional capacity for school staff and faculty members. There is access to documents and tools to aide in planning instruction using content curriculum, building a positive classroom culture and writing assessments. Rubrics and resources are embedded to help staff understand the analysis of data and make strategic plans to implement action steps to address instructional adjustments and needed student support. These resources, planning tools and district expectations will enable teachers to incorporate highly effective teaching strategies based on TEKS/STAAR standards while building capacity to monitor and maintain alignment between curriculum standards and classroom instruction, including the use of formative data.

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