Please use the link below for supplemental TB testing waiver and schedule. All students that tested in February will be required to test again next week on April 12th and 13th.

UPDATED WAIVER for second round of testing.

From: Rich Dubroc 

Sent: Wednesday, February 22, 2017 2:27 PM


I am sending this to all e-mail addresses in the ECHS system, but it applies only to those who tested for Tuberculosis with us at ECHS.


Earlier this month DSHS conducted Round 1 Tuberculosis testing due to a suspect case at El Campo High School.  To ensure notification of results is sent to the correct address, please complete the attached address authorization consent form.  The completed form needs to be faxed to DSHS at (713)767-3049 or scanned and e-mailed directly to .


A follow-up test – Round 2 Tuberculosis testing – will be offered the week of April 10, 2017.  A negative follow-up test at that time would indicate that your child has not been infected with the germ that causes Tuberculosis.  


If you have additional questions, please contact the El Campo School Nurse or the DSHS Regional TB program at (713) 767-3000 or at their toll-free number (800)270-3128.


Thank you again for your patience and cooperation,




Rich DuBroc

Principal, El Campo High School

Phone 979-543-6341

Fax    979-543-2528



Last Thursday and Friday the DSHS provided TB testing (at no cost) to those individuals at El Campo High School who have been identified as possibly having “close exposure” and also to any students and staff that requested to be screened.
Below are the steps DSHS has put in place:
  1. The results from the TB test are expected to be delivered by DSHS the week of February 20th directly to the parents at the phone number provided on the consent form that was turned in to DSHS.
  2. For those individuals who have a negative TB test, a follow up test will be offered in 8 to 10 weeks here at the school. A negative follow up test at that time would indicate that you have not been infected with the germ that causes TB.
  3. If the TB test is positive, further evaluation by DSHS or by your doctor will be needed to determine the appropriate medical management.
Your collaboration in adhering to the recommended steps will help us safeguard those individuals identified as having close exposureWe are enclosing the TB fact sheet to help answer any questions or concerns you may have.  If you have additional questions, please contact the DSHS regional TB program at (713) 767-3000 or their toll free number at 800-270-3128.
Thank you for your attention to this matter and for your continued patience as we work through this process.
Rich DuBroc
Principal, El Campo High School
Phone 979-543-6341
Fax    979-543-2528

TB Screening

Parent Consent Form

TB Screening Tool


Attached is our schedule for the TB screening for tomorrow and Friday as well as a copy of the parent consent form that is needed for screening. The DSHS has identified the individuals to screen tomorrow that were in prolonged close exposure to the suspected case. If your child is on that list, you will receive an automated call from me this afternoon with some additional information. All students that are on this list will need to have a signed consent form and be screened. If your student is on the list, they will need to report to the Science Lecture Hall at the beginning of the period indicated on the attached schedule (we will remind them again tomorrow). If your child is not on that list, you only need to sign and return the consent form if you choose to have them screened. If you DO NOT want your child screened, DO NOT return the consent form. We distributed consent forms this afternoon to all students that were on campus 8th period. If your child did not get one, you can print one from this email, off the website, or pick one up from the office tomorrow. This is a new process for all of us involved here at the school; at the end of it, our goal is to have everyone screened that needs to be screened as well as anyone who wants to be screened. I thank you for your patience and cooperation and will get back to you with more information as we get it. Adjunto está nuestro horario para la prueba de detección de la tuberculosis para mañana y viernes, así como una copia del formulario de consentimiento de los padres que se necesita para el cribado. El DSHS ha identificado a los individuos a la pantalla mañana que estaban en una exposición prolongada y cercana al caso sospechoso. Si su hijo está en esa lista, recibirá una llamada automática de mí esta tarde con alguna información adicional. Todos los estudiantes que están en esta lista necesitarán tener un formulario de consentimiento firmado y ser examinados. Si su estudiante está en la lista, necesitarán reportarse al Salón de Ciencias al comienzo del período indicado en el horario adjunto (les recordaremos de nuevo mañana). Si su hijo no está en esa lista, sólo necesita firmar y devolver el formulario de consentimiento si decide someterlo a una prueba. Si NO desea que su hijo sea examinado, NO devuelva el formulario de consentimiento. Esta tarde distribuimos formularios de consentimiento a todos los estudiantes que estuvieron en el 8º período de la escuela. Si su hijo no recibió uno, puede imprimir uno de este correo electrónico, fuera del sitio web, o recoger uno de la oficina de mañana. Este es un nuevo proceso para todos nosotros involucrados aquí en la escuela; Al final de la misma, nuestro objetivo es hacer que todo el mundo sea examinado y que sea evaluado. Le doy las gracias por su paciencia y cooperación y le responderemos con más información a medida que la obtengamos. Rich DuBroc Principal, El Campo High School Phone 979-543-6341 Fax 979-543-2528

UPDATE February 7, 2017: We have met with the Texas Department of State Health Services pertaining to a suspected case of TB.  TB is a disease spread through prolonged, close exposure to someone who has the germ in his/her lungs.  Exposure is most likely to occur when a person with TB is actively coughing. TB can usually be prevented and treated effectively with appropriate medications.    As part of their ongoing investigation, DSHS will conduct a screening on Thursday, February 9, and Friday, February 10, for those individuals at El Campo High School who have been identified as having close exposure.  Further information and consent forms will be shared tomorrow.     Rich DuBroc Principal, El Campo High School Phone 979-543-6341 Fax    979-543-2528  

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