Curriculum:  All teachers fully implement high quality, deeply rigorous, and fully aligned TEKS Resource system curriculum.

  • Follow and understand the TEKS Resource System Curriculum for content area.
  • Build a collaborative department that is focused on student success before self.
  • Prior to school year complete content Curriculum Map by adjusting YAG to match district calendar and follow the Lesson Planning Cycle.docx.
  • Collaborate to develop a common weekly lesson plan, staying two weeks ahead.
  • Designate reteach and remediation activities on the common lesson plan.
  • Check department lesson plans against the Lesson Plan Rubric.doc.  Notify principal if lesson plans are below proficient or teachers are not prepared.
  • When instruction calls for mathematical problem solving, use and refer to the district-wide problem solving method.  Math and science teachers need to have the  ricky_problem_solving_poster.pdf visable in the classroom.
  • Utilize the Department Planning Agenda.doc as a guideline for department planning meetings.

The Ricebird Way: El Campo Curriculum, Instruction, Data and Culture Expectations

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