Reading Interventions

Advanced Story Map

Students are taught to use a basic 'Story Grammar' to map out, identify and analyze significant components of narrative text (e.g., fiction, biographies, historical accounts).

Comprehension Strategy - Question Generation

Students are taught to boost their comprehension of expository passages by (1) locating the main idea or key ideas in the passage and (2) generating questions based on that information.

Peer Tutoring-Kids as Reading Helpers

This complete manual is designed as an outof-the-box peer-tutoring start-up program. It includes instructions to prepare for and launch a school-based peer tutoring program in reading. The manual also contains a scripted 4-lesson tutor training curriculum.

Question-Answer Relationships

Question-Answer Relationships as a way to help students realize that the answers they seek are related to the type of question that is asked; it encourages them to be strategic about their search for answers based on an awareness of what different types of questions look for.

Reading Rockets

Great website for reading interventions! The site has a comprehensive list of the components of reading with correlating interventions that include a lesson plan for carrying out the intervention and a list of children's books to assist the teacher with the concept. Strong elementary tool, but can also be a resource for secondary teachers.

Repeated Reading

Repeated reading is effective as an intervention to build student reading fluency because it gives the student lots of reading practice.


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